Your first float & the questions you may have

Floating is renowned worldwide as having many health and well-being benefits. There are numerous medical studies completed on these benefits. Floating has been shown to offer relief for a wide range of illnesses and conditions as well as being a unique and relaxing experience for both mind and body.

We are open 7 days a week, with floats available 9.30am -9.30pm

You’ll soon see that we love what we do, and we live to introduce people to flotation therapy. Floating is a safe, clean and a welcoming environment where you’re always in total control. With the elimination of external input, you will soon learn the true meaning of complete relaxation and stress release. The best mindset to come in with when you first try flotation therapy is to have no expectations. Do your best to open your mind, let go and enjoy this well-deserved time to relax, recover and reinvigorate your mind and body.

To truly experience the many benefits of floating, we recommend booking in for 3 sessions initially, over a short period of time. This will give you time to fully understand and experience what flotation therapy has to offer, and experience the health and well-being advantages you’d experience long-term.

What to bring to your float appointment?

When you visit Rest & Recovery Centre all you need to bring is something you will feel comfortable floating in, or float in nothing at all. You may float silently, or choose from our variety of relaxation music. You could even bring your own music or podcasts etc. We provide you with everything you will need; towels, ear plugs, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, band aid spray and solution for your ears.

We have a powder room with GHD and Dyson hairdryers for use. Please bring any other hair or styling products you may need.

Claustrophobic?….. No problem!

We have built Canberra’s first open float room/bath (NO LID) so you will lay in a large body of water which eliminates any Claustrophobic feeling.
If you aren’t claustrophobic, we have two Apollo pods/tanks, which are very spacious.  

Preparation before floating

If this is your first float, please arrive 10 minutes before your session, so you can fill out some forms and, so we can run you through your session.
We’d encourage no eating before your session – no more than a light meal at least 60 minutes before your float, so your stomach won’t irritate you during your float. Try and avoid any stimulants, pre-work out, coffee, etc at least 4 hours before. 

Is the water clean?

Firstly, each customer showers before and after their float…
Secondly, the water is a rather sterile environment due to the high concentration and the natural bacterial killing qualities of Epsom Salts. Bromine is also added to the water. We physically test the water three times a day and change the filters often. We run the filtration system after every float and overnight.  

Private rooms?

Yes, each room at Rest & Recovery Centre has its own personal shower, which is used before and after floating. Each float room has a lockable door, allowing you to comfortably float without clothing.

Can you float while pregnant?

Of course, though we suggest obtaining your GP or Obstetricians approval. There has been a growing trend of floating during pregnancy. Mothers use flotation as it can reduce back pain, lower blood pressure, or just listen to your baby’s heartbeat.

Can you drown while floating?

No, people fall asleep all the time, the buoyant salt water keeps you floating. Your greatest concern should be salt water in your eyes, as it stings.

Can I float with cuts, abrasions, tattoos, piercings and shaving/waxing? 

The water has high concentration of salt. You should not float if you have any large cuts, abrasions or stitches on your body, until it has healed. Minor cuts or abrasions are fine, though you will feel a slight sting for a minute or two. We also provide a liquid band aid to cover them up if required.
We recommend waiting a month after your tattoo, and at least 2 weeks for a new piercing. You may also want to speak to your Physician about this.

Ideally, don’t shave or wax at least 8 hours before your float. The salty water can be irritating or make you itchy.

Can I float after dying my hair?

We suggest that you wait at least 7 days after colouring your hair.

Can children float?

If you do plan on booking a session for a minor, a parent or legal guardian must sign a policy form on their behalf, and must remain at the centre for the duration of the session.
While floating is safe for children, it can require a certain level of maturity.

Can everyone float?
You shouldn’t float if you’re experiencing an infectious skin condition, epilepsy, kidney disease, respiratory conditions or disorders or incontinence.
When in doubt about a condition or illness, please consult your physician.