In 2019 we introduced Yoga to R & R. Our focus is to reduce stress, anxiety, insomnia, physical limitations, and the busy mind, using a well rounded yoga program and meditation classes, adapted to all body types and ages. Yoga is an effective alternative treatment for stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression, inflammation, tension, sleep-quality and overall well-being.
Yoga for anxiety can act as a “moving meditation” that centres the thoughts and can build a sense of calm and wholeness. Others practice yoga to restore the body by increasing strength, improving balance, and enhancing flexibility, but many are dedicated to the yoga lifestyle that includes practice beyond exercise.

Our yoga studio provides a safe place to slow down and step out of the whirlwind of life. A safe place to be reflect and re-evaluate priorities. It may seem odd to connect those dots to the practice of yoga while we are building strength, flexibility and balance, but those are the same tools we need for stability in our daily lives!.

Please join us and try out yoga. You will be surprised at the gift you are giving yourself.



This is a medium paced class suitable for complete novices, experienced practitioners, and everybody in between.  Variations and modifications are offered to meet the needs of each student.  From week to week the sequence of postures change to cover a range of movement.  You can expect some flow within the class, as well as some holds in order to focus on correct alignment.  Classes will include breath awareness and mindfulness practices, and end with Savasana (resting pose).  You’ll leave feeling replenished and nourished on every level!

Yoga for Strength

This is an active and dynamic class which builds core, upper body and leg strength. It is a challenging class but modifications are offered and all levels of students are welcome, from beginners to experienced practitioners.

The class will always include some Flow but will also focus on longer held poses for strength. Classes will include breath awareness and mindfulness practices and will end with Savasana (resting Pose). You’ll leave feeling relaxed, calm and fulfilled.


During each class you will be guided through a meditation exercise. Each week we will explore a different style of meditation. We will also explore different mindfulness techniques that you can incorporate into your daily life. The class is suitable for all levels.

Meditation and Mindfulness has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety and improve focus and overall happiness.


This freestyle of yoga is different styles of yoga taught to cater to the specific needs of who is in the class. It will then in turn benefit both the mind and body for exactly what it needs.